10 Reasons Why I Care What You Believe

Beliefs matter, and believe me: everyone has beliefs. Hessianwithteeth doesn’t limit the scope of this post to religious beliefs. That’s important, because nonreligious people will oftentimes talk about beliefs as though they are distant phenomena from which they’ve been granted immunity. I don’t know that there’s a sure way to distinguish beliefs from what might be considered more objective knowledge, when objective things are in question. (As opposed to subjective musings like, “Cake is tasty!” or going with the theme of this blog, “Scorpan from My Little Pony is totes a lesser divinity.”) It seems like all of our knowledge amounts to beliefs, wrong or right, that can all be affected by all of the things that beliefs are affected by: emotions, logical fallacies, and so on.

Anyway, this is great. Highly recommended.


*Keep in mind, I am not accusing anybody of actually holding these beliefs. These are if-then situations of reasons why I might care what you believe.*

1) Your beliefs affect me
If you believe that I’m immoral because I don’t share your religious convictions, then your behaviour towards me changes. It suddenly becomes okay to treat me as though you believe in ‘guilty until proven innocent.’ If you believe that my being female doesn’t affect how people treat me, then it becomes easier for you to ignore the incidences where I am treated as a second-class citizen simply because I am female. If you believe that my femaleness actually makes me a second-class citizen, then that makes it impossible for me to interact with you safely, especially if you are male, because suddenly my femaleness makes it okay to disregard my personhood. If you believe that my gender identity or…

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