Chemical pathways

Psychiatric medication has saved my mind on several occasions now. I’ve been dependent on only a handful of such medications throughout my life; for the most part I’ve been wholly grateful for the experiences I’ve been able to have thanks to those medications.

When I began posting here I was suffering from withdrawal effects of a particular medication, the same medication that had given me the great gifts of the ideas I’ve been expressing here: the idea of personal gnosis being a natural and possibly essential aspect of so many people’s lives, the idea of forming an outlook based on that observation, and the idea of expanding the way people think about thinking about gods and the divine. The same medication that had given me these and other insights, that had facilitated the pathway connections to give birth to so many ideas, had also afflicted me with bipolar disorder once the spell of severe depression, which initially led to its prescription, receded.

It took an entire year for the withdrawal effects to wind down, for the bipolar disorder to fade, and for me to finally touch what I believe to be emotional solid ground. It’s not without its slopes and pitfalls, but all in all the terrain is far more stable, and uninteresting. That’s a good thing.

I’m glad that I did not put off expressing my views, even though some of my writing here has been very emotionally charged, reactionary, and unrefined. I needed a place to begin, and I created that place.

Hopefully it all only gets better from here.


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